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We do not lend money. We advocate for your best deal, and ensure that your mortgage application goes smoothly.

Why Choose The Good Faith Review?

Get the true cost

Our Good Faith True Cost is the fastest and most accurate way to choose a loan. Our free report will compare your loan offers, and clearly show which is your best deal. No more confusion as to which offer to choose!

Independent, unbiased advice

We have one goal – to ensure that you are placed into the best loan possible. Our Review Counselors have extensive mortgage experience, and are up to date on current interest rates and lending requirements.

Feel confident

With our expert guidance, you are given a fighter who is truly in your corner. A personal advocate to help you navigate all aspects of your mortgage application. Our experience is your advantage.

  • Home "Trying to navigate and select a loan offer, is like reading Greek! I had no idea what I was looking at, or looking for. After speaking to 3 different lenders, I was more lost than when I began! The free report I received from TGFR showed me exactly what I should be doing. I sent them my Good Faith Estimates, and the next day I was able to confidently make a decision. Thanks TGFR!" Susan Reinhardt, Hartford CT
  • Home "After owning a number of homes over the years, I couldn't stand the mortgage process. I always seemed to end up working with Loan Officers who ran me ragged with paperwork. Now with all of the guideline changes, it's a million times worse! My Review Counselor was able to tell me exactly what I needed to do in order to simplify my loan application. When I called the lender to move forward, my Loan Officer was was ecstatic! I closed in just over 2 weeks. My lender said I was their easiest client of the year!" Dustin Clarke, Dayton OH
  • Home "Being self employed, I was terrified about how difficult it would be to get a mortgage. My Review Counselor helped me prepare my income statements, and told me exactly what I needed to do. Now I am the proud owner of a gorgeous 3 bedroom condo!" Karen Valdez, Baltimore MD

Our Experience. Your Advantage.

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  • See the true cost of your loan offers
  • Simplify your financing decision

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  • Experienced mortgage consultation
  • Personal Loan Review Counselor
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Full Review
$ 99.95
  • Total assistance from start to finish
  • Personal Loan Review Counselor
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